Hot Stones!! Ouch or Mmmmmm!

Contrary to the term, hot stones will not burn you. In fact, hot stone massage is really a variation upon classic therapeutic massage. The therapist holds heated sleek, flat stones while performing massage techniques all over your body, while other stones are placed to encourage relaxation, blood and energy flow while those areas are not being addressed.

The utilization of hot stones for healing goes back to historic times, however it wasn’t till Arizona therapeutic massage therapist Mary Nelson launched her hot stone therapeutic massage technique, known as LaStone Treatment, that using hot stones for therapeutic massage became more popular.

What do the Stones Look Like?

The stones are often made with basalt, a kind of rock that’s rich with iron, so that they retain warmth. River rocks are usually used since they’re smooth – they’re smoothed with time by river currents.  These stones are submerged in water and heated in an electric heating unit until they’re within a good usable temperature. In most situations, the stones are placed on points on the back, on your palms, or between your toes, but I typically use the stones in hand during massage to increase the benefits as well.

The heat from the stones feel very comfortable – therapists have to be able to hold them to sense temperature for safe and effective treatment – and unwind the muscle tissue, which enables the therapist to use deeper pressure, if preferred. The warmth from the hot stones improves blood circulation and calms the nervous system. Some therapeutic massage therapists place these stones upon points that can be energy centers from the body in order to rebalance the mind and body.

Benefits Hot Stone Massages

A typical question individuals have is whether to obtain hot stone massages versus Swedish massage or perhaps a regular therapeutic massage. Some people discover the warmth from the hot stones to be more comforting and prefer this kind of massage for relaxation. Hot stone massages are suitable for people who often feel cold or those who have muscle tension but prefer the lighter therapeutic style of massage. The warmth relaxes muscle tissue, allowing the therapist to operate the muscles without needing deep stress.

People additionally get hot stone therapeutic massages for a number of health problems:

Back discomfort and pains
Poor blood circulation
Osteo arthritis
Stress, anxiousness and pressure
Depressive disorders
Tight muscles

How Do the Hot Stones Feel?

The hot stones will never be rough. They’re always toned and sleek. When utilized on the back they are usually the size of an egg, just flat. The stones are heated within an electrical heating unit that either supplies a temperature reading through or comes with an adjustable thermostat to manage. The massage therapist usually holds the stones first before touching them to your skin, which helps to ensure that the temperature won’t be too warm. Everyone, nevertheless, has their very own comfort variety. Be certain to talk when the stones tend to be too hot for you personally. Cool marbled stones are now and again used throughout a treatment, particularly when there is inflammation.

So what can I Expect Within my Hot Stone Massage?

Massage therapy frequently begins by making use of oil on the body. This allows the stones to glide smoothly across the muscles. After the stones have calmed the muscle tissue, the massage therapist may remove the stones and use his or her hands to directly massage your skin.

You will usually be asked to go over on your back after that. The massage therapist might place little hot stones between the toes or within the palm of your hands.

An average hot stones massage is actually between 30 and 60 minutes in length and runs between $65 to $105, but right now only for the month of February I’m offering Hot Stones absolutely FREE when you book an hour or more of regular massage therapy.

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