Improving Your Motion Range And Flexibility Through Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps with flexibility and range of motion.  Believe it or not, there has been an increase in muscle injuries within the last fifty years. We’ve become increasingly sedentary. And as we continue to grow older, our joints are tightening which restricts our motion and flexibility ranges.

Massage therapy sessions improve and maintain your motion and flexibility. A normal session is designed to work on and relax your tendons, muscles, joints as well as your ligaments, and connective tissues. This loosens and relaxes your joints and makes them less likely to get injured. In turn, this helps improve your motion and flexibility by forcing nutrients and blood flow throughout the body.

Combined with your regular stretching, massage therapy relaxes your muscles that are stressed, and it encourages a better blood flow, while benefiting your flexibility. It’s really a two for one deal!

Regular stretching improves blood circulation, which builds up your immunity and can prevent diseases. Stretching improves your joints and their motions, as well as your posture.

Combining a stretch with a massage becomes critical especially for those who stay physically active. Having your muscles relaxed makes them less likely to fall victim to straining and spraining.

Combining massages with stretching into your workout routine benefits you more by softening your sore spots. Stretching pre-workout increases your ability to move your joints further and can help your endurance last longer by preventing lactic acid build-up.

Having a massage post-workout relaxes your body in order to help it recover sooner.

What Does This All Give You?

– It encourages your body to continue producing natural lubricants that keep you flexible

– It can improve the performance of an athlete

– Keeping you flexible prevents the injuries you may receive from having an active lifestyle

Get regular massages and easily take your flexibility and range of motion to new heights.