Reflexology For Your Depression

Depression Is…

Clinical depression, is considered to be a mental illness which overwhelms a person suffering from it with sadness, hopelessness, and the feeling of losing everything. It can last any time between weeks or even years, which can lead to suicidal thoughts and self harm.

Reflexology Helps The Depressed…

Reflexology can help clinically depressed patients by relieving the symptoms. It does so by working mainly on certain acupuncture points as well as nerve endings found in your hands and feet. What does this do?

  • increase blood flow;
  • rids body of toxin build-ups;
  • activates lymphatic system;
  • stimulates endocrine system;
  • causes relaxation;
  • assists releasing endorphins that make patients feel good;
  • optimizes nervous systematic functions by decongesting energy paths;

A patient’s foot colour, appearance and even the condition can help a reflexologist figure out what may be the main problem. The reflexologist may also give you tips on how to feel better at home by practicing on yourself at times when you can’t make it to a session.

Acupuncture Areas

Certain points will be focused on by the reflexologist in order to lessen stress. These areas:

  • May focus directly to releasing the endorphins needed to relieve depression. Neurotransmitters as well as your hormones may not have been working right previously, which may have caused the depression. Glands this affects are the pineal, pituitary, parathyroid, thyroid, and the thymus glands.
  • May focus directly to your lungs, chest, arms, solar plexus, and your heart.
  • All over, it lessens your stress by releasing the endorphins which make a person feel good and relaxed.