What A Good Massage Feels Like

Massages feel different depending on what kind of a massage you receive. A Swedish massage is perfect for any beginners because it is soothing and relaxing. Firmer pressure is used in deep tissue massages, and some techniques, such as trigger point therapy, may be a little uncomfortable.

It also depends where you search for your massage therapy, and more accurately, the massage therapist that you choose. Each massage therapist will have their own unique techniques and styles.

What To Expect In A Massage

Commonly you lay on the bed face down, resting your face into a ‘cradle’, which helps prevent neck strain. The massage therapist only massages the visible parts of your body.

The massage therapist will let you know they’re going to begin by the first touch, which should always be gentle and not surprising. They should have warm hands. They apply massage oil to help their hands smoothly glide across your skin.

A good massage therapist will combine classic Swedish massage techniques to work on your muscle tissue:

· “Effleurage” is a set of smoothly gliding strokes which will warm up your muscle tissue. As massage therapists differ, this technique may be done quickly or slowly. Ask them to slow it down if you want a massage for relaxation, or to speed up for an invigorating massage.

· The therapist will knead your muscle tissue, pulling and lifting your fleshy muscle up from your skeletal structure. This technique is known as “petrissage.” Petrissage works the body tissue deeply.

· A cross-fiber friction technique is what the therapist uses in targeting specific trouble spots, known as “adhesions”, in order to separate your tissues and restores your circulation, making the muscle feel softer and a bit more pliable. The massage therapist may use thumbs or fingers, or even elbows in the more intense massages. This technique can feel either good or uncomfortable. It depends on both, the pressure the therapist uses and your interpretation of the sensation.

Sometimes a massage therapist will use a technique called “passive stretching”, which is lifting your arm up above your head in order to mobilize your joint. And if you wonder where the “karate chop” technique that you have seen in movies went, it’s no longer common.

Try different massage styles to find the style that is right for you. Either way all massage when done correctly helps sooth and loosen up muscles.