Winter is Upon Us Toronto!

Hey the winter season is upon us. It’s soon going to be time to bring out your snowboards and skis. Well, maybe not just yet! We do live in Toronto after all and our winters — believe it or not — are much milder than other places. Although our winters are mild in terms of snow falls, the cold temperatures certainly can affect your body. And whether you get regular massages or not, here are some tips to stay loose and mobile this winter. Many people tend to get soreness and stiffness during the winter months. This can be a real pain especially if you are into winter sports and love the feel of the slopes.
Although winter sports are a powerful way to keep fit throughout the winter you have to remember that they are often hard on the back especially when you have not exercised as regularly throughout the last few months, which is often a challenge while using the dropping temperatures and also shorter days.
Whether you are into snowboarding, skiing, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, snowmobiling or even skating, you need to prepare your body for all the sudden bumps, twists, turns and possible wipe-outs that may result in painful muscle tears and stiffness. Many of my massage therapy Toronto clients ask me what precautions or things that they can do to stay safe and healthy through the winter.
Here are a number of simple recommendations which keeps your back safe and sound and injury-free this winter:
Warm-up – It is crucial to warm up one’s body before jumping into anything. Try doing a light jog on the spot, or some squats, jumping jacks, or lunges to warm yourself up physically.
Stretching – Following the warm-up exercises, stretch for 10-15 minutes. Stretch your back, quads, hamstrings, and calves. In each stretch, remember to take 2 breaths, alternate sides, and repeat twice.  Always end your workout with some really good stretches as effectively!
Simple Low Back Core Stability Exercises You Can Do Yourself:
* Bracing – Start by teaching the muscle tissues around your core to activate. Consider tightening up your abdominals, while still inhaling freely. Bracing
* Curl-up – Lying on your back with both knees bent. Conserve the slight curve as part of your low back and then lift your shoulders and head so your shoulder blades are just off the floor. Hold for a count of 5 and repeat 3 times. Do this 3 to 5 times per week. Curl Up
* Low Back Cross Over – In a table-top position, brace your abdominals and then lift one leg back while reaching the opposite arm out in the front without twisting the low back. Imagine you’ve got a glass of water on your back that you don’t want to spill. Hold that position for 7-8 seconds, repeat 10 times.  Low Back Cross Over
* Side-bridge – Lie onto your side and lift one’s body up with the hand. Keep your body straight and stiff like a board. Hold for a count of 5 and repeat 10 reps per side.
Don’t forget to rest if you believe you are tired and stay well hydrated!  Side Bridge
So get out and get active this winter while taking good care of your body. Use these tips to stay healthy and injury free this winter. And if you feel like relieving some stress and loosening up your muscles even more come in for a half hour or one hour massage here at RR Massage Therapy Toronto. We’ll take good care of you.