Workplace Massages

Many employees find it difficult to give it their all through an entire work day due to anxiety and stress building up. Every job has the potential to raise those levels. In order to increase employee productivity and wellness, several workplaces have allowed massage therapists to visit the office in order to help to reduce stress and anxiety. A relaxed employee is a happy employee.

Beyond being relaxing, workplace massages can help in reducing constant straining injuries, less employees quitting, and less people calling in sick. Healthy, happy, and relaxed employees become more productive, capable of giving it their all in the final push before their shift ends.

A massage therapist will come to the office offering chair massages, which work on your back, your shoulders, and, as you would expect, your neck. These important areas are where many office workers start feeling stress injuries repeatedly, because of their repetitive physical motions. Or lack thereof. With computers being a very important tool in most offices, employees run the risk of feeling stiff by sitting still too much, which could hurt the neck or back. They may suffer from Carpal Tunnel or Tendinitis.
Chair massages are pretty cheap for office programs and they address each of these injuries. Sitting for 8 hours hunched over a keyboard can hurt, but having a break in between where someone will loosen you up is great relief. Employees benefit by:

  • Feeling more productive
  • Feeling more creative
  • Focusing and problem-solving with greater ease
  • Having more energy
  • Getting a morale boost
  • Feeling loyal and motivated; taking pride
  • Less stress
  • Missing less shifts
  • Feeling less likely to conflict with others
  • Being happier employees increased
  • Feeling appreciated
  • Feeling rewarded
  • (Employers) Being able of attracting high-quality potential employees
  • Less employees quit
  • Less workers comp.
  • Massages being cheap and tax write-offs

By creating a bit of excitement for your employees at the workplace, they’ll feel happier, healthier, and enthusiastic about working there. Happier employees often talk about their experiences at home, to friends and even on social networks. This means that the workplace could benefit with more business or more resumes pouring in. When a proud employee speaks up about his fondness of work and work’s perks, others will either want to have such happy and impassioned employees servicing them or they’ll want to work in the same office. Massage therapy is definitely a good idea in most workplaces. But if your workplace doesn’t offer these services then you can always go to a local massage therapist and utilize your workplace benefits. Most benefits cover you for up to $500 per year in massage therapy services.  So make the best of it.